Turkish Cypriot newspaper wonders if there is a gang in the north selling forged passports


Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Bakis newspaper (10.08.17) reports that twelve persons – three families – who have been living in the occupied area of Cyprus for the last three four years, have been detained by the Cyprus police after attempting to travel to Germany through Larnaca airport with fake Turkish passports and fake Turkish visas.

The paper reports that no statement has been issued yet by the breakaway regime in the occupied area of Cyprus regarding this incident, adding that they expect some answers to the following questions:

How did the mentioned families cross from “North Cyprus” to “South Cyprus” although they are Turkish citizens?

From where did they find the fake passports?

How did they take the fake visa?

Is there any gang or gangs in our “country”, which provide fake passports or do human trafficking?

Meanwhile, the paper further reports that the Cyprus Legal Service has decided to take into custody only the three men from the twelve persons (three couples and six children).

Source: PIO

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