Turkish Cypriot elections-The beginning of a new era?

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Moderate leftist, Mustafa Akinci, achieved a sweeping victory on Sunday, April 26th, over his rival candidate Dervis Eroglu, on the elections held for the leadership of the Turkish-Cypriot Community.
Akinci won a staggering 60,5% of the vote, although at the beginning of the electoral struggle he was thought of as the underdog who may not even go through to the second round of the election.

His victory speech was deemed historical as he not only portrayed himself as the leader of all residents of the occupied part of the island (not excluding any population group, as had done his predecessor) but he verbalized one of the greatest taboos of the two communities common history; he acknowledged the wrongdoings of Turkey on Cypriot ground. “We suffered in ’63, the Greek-Cypriots suffered in ’74…it’s time for both of us to heal our wounds”.  He even went as far as to ask directly of Turkey for mutual respect, denouncing intrusions on T/c affairs.

As T/c journalists explained to Sigmalive in a two-part interview, Akincis’ win, is considered by the t/c community as another movement of good will and determination to leave the past behind; “It is one thing to know and acknowledge the past, and another to live in it. The time has come for us to move towards our common future” they say, adding that this electoral result should be considered as another chance for the G/c to put their actions where their words are, and truly work for the achievement of peace on the island.

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  1. Yiallif TahipasYiallif Tahipas said:

    we rarely see gc talking directly with tcs. For example there’s all the news on Akinci, but no channel is actually showing or quoting akinci, only what other gc politicians are saying]

  2. Andy GeorgiouAndy Georgiou said:

    Is this the same on the TC side as well? I mean do TC media outlets work with correspondences in the South or follow the GC news?

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