Turkish Cypriot columnist slams Akinci for not returning to the negotiations


Under the title “Is it not enough Mr Akinci?” columnist Huseyin Ekmekci in Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis newspaper (10.03.17) refers to the decision of the Cyprus House of Representatives regarding the commemoration of the 1950 plebiscite in the schools and the reactions which this decision has caused by everyone in the occupied area of Cyprus and reports, inter alia, the following:

“[…] The Turkish Cypriot leadership also reacted to this. Including even by not going to the [negotiating] table. However, it is enough. After the decision Mr Akinci has made statements 15 times. […] Sometimes twice in a day. By continuously hardening his language. I think that nothing is left which has not been understood on this issue. We did not go to the table. Think that the table has been dissolved. What Anastasiades said is there. ‘It is unacceptable’. ‘It cannot be implemented’. None of these helped. Mustafa Akinci says: ‘Change it or take a decision which will prevent it’. While Akinci says this, Anastasiades finds it difficult to take a step. He has many times said that he does not want to be put into the place of someone who ‘takes orders from the north’.

However, is the intention to return to the table or not? Mr Akinci should decide this. There is a great difference between saying ‘I will return to the table’ and I want to return to the table. I am sorry, but I see that there is no wish for taking a step before the referendum process in Turkey ends. And this is what I am afraid of the most.

Yesterday I received the information that Eide’s efforts are going well and that the two leaders will be at the table after 1-2 weeks. However… the situation and the stances continue in a manner which causes tension of the climate. Mavroyiannis’ behaviors which underestimate and look down upon the Turkish side continue. And Mr Akinci, whenever microphones are extended to him, lists the statements which we have learned by heart. Is it not enough? He takes Mevlut Cavusoglu by his side. He takes Turkey’s Prime Minister. He continues. We are really sick and tired of the blame games. […] Mr Akinci must put an end now to the blame games. Either he knows something or this much work will go in vain. I am worried”.

Source: PIO

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