Tsipras and Omirou oppose Cyprus solution with guarantees

President of the House of Representatives, Yiannakis Omirou has called on all those who are over optimistic for a solution to the Cyprus problem in the very near future, to turn to Turkey.

Speaking after a meeting on Tuesday with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in the Greek capital, Omirou said that this was also the view of the Greek Premier, adding that Greece is categorically against a system of guarantees in a solution.

Omirou said that during the meeting they exchanged views on the situation in the region and concluded that in the troubled environment, Greece and Cyprus constitute stability, security and cooperation in the region.

Regarding the Cyprus problem, Omirou said that they both believe that now is the time for all those who express exaggerated expectations and over optimism for a solution to the Cyprus problem in the near future, to turn their attention to Turkey which, beyond rhetorical statements in favour of the solution, has not given any practical examples in changing the intransigence it has been demonstrating in the last 42 years.

“We agree that a solution to the Cyprus issue, in order to be acceptable, must stand the test of time,” he said, adding that the solution is not an end in itself or that any settlement will do.

“We want a solution that will guarantee the continuation of the Republic of Cyprus and that will secure the human rights and fundamental freedoms that all European citizens enjoy,” Omirou added.

The outdated guarantees of 1960 cannot continue, he said, adding that this is also the position of the Greek government, noting that guarantees were the source of “misfortune” for Cyprus and should be abolished.

“Turkey must understand, whether it wants to or not, that the acquis will be implemented,” he continued, adding that as a member of the EU, there cannot be permanent derogations from the acquis.

If Turkey wants a European future, it must consent to a proper, democratic and just solution to the Cyprus problem, otherwise it should abandon its European aspirations for good, Omirou concluded.

Source: CNA

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