‘Trust is the key to a Cyprus solution’

‘Trust is the key to a Cyprus solution’

OUTGOING US ambassador John Koenig does not see the Cyprus problem as one of invasion and occupation, he said last night while being quizzed during an open discussion at the University of Cyprus.

When one UCy student brought up the issue of Turkish troops and settlers in Cyprus, Koenig said the US certainly did not support the occupation of another country, nor did it condone the practice of settling.

“The Cyprus conflict of course began 51 years ago and in that context of course it took a huge and tragic turn in 1974 and I am not in any way justifying what happened then, but it cannot be reduced to a problem of invasion and occupation. That is in fact to ignore your own history. But I do not regard the Cyprus problem as a problem of invasion and occupation. If you don’t like it, I can’t help it. I do not regard that as the core of the Cyprus problem”.

He then pointed out that the Greek Cypriot view………

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  1. Yiallif TahipasYiallif Tahipas said:

    Very well said but yet again Gc politicians disappoint us. The problem is not only a matter of the Turkish invasion and if our ruling party cannot accept that how are we going to reconcile with Tcs?

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