Troodos planning and gas problems


Tanned and relaxed from his family holidays in the exotic Seychelles, Nicos Anastasiades comes back to Cyprus today to face a politically challenging autumn. He’s expected to go straight to the Presidential retreat in Troodos, where he will be planning with aides his next moves from August 24 onwards. I hear that one of his first priorities will be to brief political party leaders on Cyprob talks with Mustafa Akinci. The meeting could be held in Troodos even next week, or in Nicosia the week after. The President plans also to brief parliament on peace talks. Not an easy task as the opponents of a bizonal – bicommunal settlement are already fuming. They claim Anastasiades sold out Greek Cypriot interests on the property issue. It is a prelude of what will follow after the upcoming briefing. Dark room friends pointed out that the Greek Cypriot side is trailing Turkish Cypriots on the communications front. Akinci, his spokesman, Burcu and Turkish Cypriot “FM”, Emine Colak, have gone into overdrive recently, informing citizens and media about the Cyprob negotiations.

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