The remains of 86 persons were found in Maratha and Santalaris villages

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (26.01.16) reports that the Turkish Cypriot Member of the Committee of the Missing Persons announced that the remains of 86 persons were found during excavations that took place in the occupied Maratha and Santalaris villages. 

According to the Committee, excavations are continuing to take place in occupied Mia Milia, Dikomo, Karakoumi, Epicho and Petra villages. The excavations are taking place in areas that there is information that can lead to findings of new evidence. For example in occupied Mia Milia there is information about the remains of a Greek Cypriot and in occupied Dikomo about the remains of three Greek Cypriots.

In addition excavations are taking place in Athalassa in the free areas of the Republic for the remains of three Turkish Cypriots, writes the paper.

Source: PIO

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