The `missing` boy with his red bicycle… #SevgulUludag

By Sevgul Uludag

It all started with our dear friend Katerina Antona creating a Facebook page on `missing persons` – both from 1963 and 1974 – both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots… Katerina’s young brother Christakis Antona was `missing` from 1974 and his remains were found, together with other `missing` Greek Cypriots at a well in Agia Kepir…
Although Katerina found the remains of her brother, she did not stop searching for information for other `missing persons`… She is one of the unrecognized heroes of this land – she takes that extra step to make life more bearable for others… She goes further than others in order to ensure a better future for all of our children… That is why she created a page on Facebook for `missing persons` – this she does from the heart, as an ordinary citizen of this land, as a humanitarian task… She does not receive `funding` or `project money` to do this – she does this totally voluntarily, as a humanitarian gesture… How many people do you know who do things like that nowadays around you?
So on Katerina`s Facebook page on `missing persons` of 1963 and 1974, we would all try to contribute with information and articles and news and I would get to know the story of a young `missing` Greek Cypriot from 1964 Kypros Kyprianou, through this page of Katerina on Facebook…

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  1. Penelope SacorafouPenelope Sacorafou said:

    Why does the author put missing in inverted commas? These people are missing… Who caused that is completely different matter but either way does not change their status as missing…

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