TDP and BKP file case against Overseas Coordination Office opening


The TDP, BKP and TDP MP Zeki Celer filed a case against the protocol which foresees the opening of a TRNC coordination office under the Turkish Youth and Sports Ministry.


The case filed against the Council of Ministers was signed by 6 lawyers at the Supreme Court yesterday.

TDP party leader Cemal Ozyigit speaking on the issue criticised that the CTP-DP coalition government did not take the constitution into consideration when signing the agreement. He said they supported the government supporting the TC organisations first. He argued that the Overseas Coordination Office foresaw the handing over of the TC organisations and it was time for someone to stop this.

TDP MP Zeki Celer said that for the past two years, they had been arguing that the opening of this office was in violation of the Constitution and not fit for the laws; however the government has refrained from taking this advice.


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