T/C real estate agent alleges they could pay compensations forG/C properties

Under the title “’There will be no compensations problem’”, Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen newspaper (19.10.15) reports that Hasan Sungur, chairman of the Turkish Cypriot so-called real estate agents’ union, has alleged that if the Turkish Cypriots sell half of the Turkish Cypriot properties in the government-controlled area of the island, they could pay the compensations to the Greek Cypriots for their properties which are currently under Turkish occupation. 
In statements to the paper, Sungur said that the Greek Cypriot properties in the occupied area of the island are around one million and 350 thousand donums [Translator’s note: A land measure of around 1000 square meters], and the Turkish Cypriot properties in the government-controlled area are 450 thousand donums.
Sungur argued that 30%-40% of the so-called title deeds given by the breakaway regime for the occupied Greek Cypriot properties are given as “equivalent” for property abandoned in the government-controlled area, while 60% for allotted property, for “fighters” etc.
He said that today you can buy a property in occupied Arsos, Trimithounta or Melusha villages for 1000 Turkish liras (TL) per donum, “if it is not a Turkish property”, but three kilometers away, in Athienu village, one donum is 95 thousand -100 thousand sterling pounds.
He alleged:
“If we sell half of the Turkish properties in the south (and in any case those who have taken equivalent property in this side renounced their rights and the properties passed to the state) we will pay the compensation of the Greek Cypriots. I am not a politician or a negotiator. We definitely have no compensations problem.”
Replying to a question, Sungur said that on Sunday a delegation of real estate agents from Ankara (TEMFED federation) will visit the occupied area of Cyprus and the Turkish Cypriots will explain to them why they should invest in the occupied area of Cyprus. He noted that TEMFED has brotherly relations with the Russian Real Estate Agents’ federation and will help them to directly reach the Russian market.


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