T/C press: Mediterranean Sea’s waters have warmed up because of Cyprus drilling for gas


Under the banner front-page title “Waters have warmed up”, Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis newspaper (13.07.17) reports that right after the collapse of the negotiating process for reaching a solution to the Cyprus problem, the Republic of Cyprus’ hydrocarbon explorations came onto the agenda.

Citing information from the Greek Cypriot press, the paper notes that the West Capella drilling platform arrived at block 11 of Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone and adds that two French frigates and airplanes will be providing protection during the drillings. According to the paper, the information that Turkey will carry out military maneuver with “armed missiles” as of 17 July caused “serious concern” in the government-controlled area of the island and “fell like a bomb onto the agenda”.

Turkish Cypriot daily Halkin Sesi newspaper (13.07.17) refers to the issue under the banner-front page title “Maneuver against the drilling” and Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper (13.07.17) under the title “Alarm in the sea”.

Source: PIO

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