Talat reacted against AKEL’s statement that the water agreement will not bind Cyprus

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris Postasi newspaper (03.03.16) reports that the chairman of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Mehmet Ali Talat criticized the statements made by AKEL party that Cyprus will not be bind to keeping the water agreement made between Turkey and the breakaway regime.
AKEL issued a statement noting that the water project is a plan that should have been signed off by a unified federal Cyprus and not a regime that is not recognized.
“Whether it is bind or not, this is not an issue that can be determined by a statement made by a party”, Talat said and added: “This is not a significant statement… It is not clear yet which international agreement will bind or not the United Cyprus State”. Talat also expressed the question why this agreement could not bind the federal state. “What kind of objections are there for it?”, he said.
He went on and added that they even undertook this issue with Demetris Christofias during the Cyprus negotiation and discussed on how the water would be under the federal authority.

Source: PIO

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