Talat: Important progress has been achieved at the talks

Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen newspaper (10.09.15) reports that the Republican Turkish Party-United Forces (CTP-BG) has launched a series of meetings in order to brief the “people” about the latest developments on the Cyprus problem, as well as about the party’s and “government’s actions”.

Speaking during the first meeting organized at the Ataturk Cultural Center in the occupied part of Lefkosia, the leader of the CTP Mehmet Ali Talat, stated, inter alia, that a serious and significant progress has been achieved at the Cyprus negotiation talks and especially as concerned the chapters of governance and power sharing, the chapter of economy and the EU affairs. He added that there are serious and remarkable convergences on the above issues.

Stating that there is information pollution at the negotiations talks, Talat said that especially the Greek Cypriot media publishes reports in the press which make the efforts for the solution more difficult.

Talat also stressed the need for the powers which are in favor of the solution to undertake intensified efforts in order to explain to the people village by village the necessity and the benefits of a possible solution.
Stating that the Cyprus negotiation process has been accelerated after Akinci’s election in the “presidency”, Talat reiterated his party full support to the Turkish Cypriot leader.

Referring to the property issue, he wished for this not to become a “matter of conflict” on the Cyprus problem. He added that the committee to be established on the property issue, into which both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots will attend, should receive the final decisions on the issue of properties, according to the criteria it will determine.

Stating that the solution of the Cyprus problem is very important for the Turkish Cypriots, Talat underlined that the solution is the only way that will open the path for the Turkish Cypriots to the international law.


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