Talat: “I urge everyone to vote for Mr Akıncı in the second ballot”

Acording to KP Daily News, following his visit to Kudret Özersay independent presidential candidate Mustafa Akıncı visiteer former president Mehmet Ali Talat at his office.

Last night CTP-BG announced that they will give active support for Akıncı in the second ballot. After meeting with Akıncı Talat also declared that he will be supporting Akıncı in the second ballot and also called upon everyone to support Akıncı for the sake of the country’s future.

Below is Talat’s statement after Akıncı’s visit:

“We are at a very important turning point. We are in a period in which there is a chance to reach a new level in the Cyprus negotiations. In the last 5 year we have experienced a barren period regarding the talks. The fact that Mr Eroğlu is against a solution and the fact that he sabotaged the process in every chance he had became the characteristic of this 5 years period. Before taking the post he had promised that he would continue from where I have left off but he dragged the process to a deadlock. We have met with Mr Akıncı today and once again we have seen that our views are completely parallel. In that regard, I urge our people to vote for Mr Akıncı on Sunday, I request this from everyone and I promise to do everything I can for Mr Akıncı to succeed”


KP Daily News

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