Talat: “A referendum on the Cyprus problem is possible to take place before May”

Turkish Cypriot daily Vatan newspaper (11.10.15) reported that the leader of the Republican Turkish Party-United Forces (CTP—BG) Mehmet Ali Talat, speaking during the weekend in a briefing meeting in occupied Keryneia, within the framework of the campaign he launched to inform the Turkish Cypriots about the latest developments on the Cyprus problem, expressed the belief that a referendum on the Cyprus problem is possible to take place prior to the forthcoming May.
Explaining to the participants at the event the advantages of a possible solution on the Cyprus problem, Talat pointed out that there are disagreements between the two sides at the negotiating table not on the property issue but on the issue of “Governance and Power sharing. Arguing that the majority of the chapters on the Cyprus problem are about to be completed soon, he expressed the belief that all problems will be overcome after the determination of the criteria on the property issue and that he expects for a referendum to take place before May.
Supporting that the Cyprus problem has gained a different dimension during the current stage of the Cyprus negotiation talks, Talat alleged that for the first time the Greek Cypriot side verges on the direction of the solution.
As regards the stance of the Turkish Cypriot side, Talat said that after the completion of Eroglu’s term in office, the Turkish Cypriot side has undertaken again an important role on the Cyprus negotiation process and it is the side which is in favor of the solution.
Supporting that except from the property issue the other issues were in a great extent completed, Talat referred to the issue of the EU primary law, the issue of the rotating presidency and the cross-voting and supported that all these are issues that could be solved.
As regards the guarantees issue, Talat proposed for the issue of security and guarantees to be discussed in a conference with the guarantor ship countries in the last stage of the talks.

Source: PIO

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