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Fear factor at work over the property issue

Fear factor at work over the property issue

Ever since the two leaders – Mustafa Akinci and Nicos Anastasiades – started discussing the topic of property little over a month ago, Turkish Cypriots have come under a heavy bombardment of disinformation and speculation. Fabricated maps showing an exorbitant amount of territory being given to a future Greek Cypriot constituent state, rumours that all

CY passports in demand among Turkish Cypriots

Turkish Cypriots are visiting the Nicosia District administrative office in droves to get Cypriot passports, ID cards, or birth certificates, despite the hot summer months. According to Nicosia District Manager Marios Panayides, who spoke to Phileleftheros, applications are usually high in the summer months due to travel abroad. However, there are noticeably more Turkish Cypriots in the 150-200

Editorial: A “No” orchestra at work

For the first time in many years, the talks towards resolving the island’s division seem to be on the right track. At the helm of the negotiating teams are two leaders, Nicos Anastasiades and Mustafa Akinci, committed to reaching a settlement. The process is moving quickly, giving observers the impression that significant progress – if