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Failed protocol, water and municipalities

Failed protocol, water and municipalities

Tuğrul Türkeş, Turkey’s deputy prime minister in charge of Cyprus, was apparently puzzled with developments on Cyprus and admitted that he could not understand the Turkish Cypriot mentality. His late father, Alparslan Türkeş, the legendary “Başbuğ” of Turkey’s nationalist movement, was a Turkish Cypriot, and the younger Türkeş has been considering himself as someone ethnically connected

Water wars escalate

By Esra Aygin The latest standoff between the Turkish Cypriot and Turkish authorities over the management of water reaching the island’s northern part from Turkey, through a trans-Mediterranean pipeline, could soon leave the north without water, money or leadership. The disagreement, which has elevated into a full-blown crisis – with Turkish embassy in the north

Turkish Cypriots ‘have priority’ in water project

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Tuğrul Türkeş said the Turkish Cypriot community held the priority for the water pumped through the Northern Cyprus Water Supply project, while other countries would also have the chance to receive water from the same project but only after the Turkish Cypriots met their demand. “The priority is [Turkish] Cyprus’,” state-run

Turkish Cypriots are yet to receive a drop of water from pipeline fromTurkey

Turkish Cypriots are yet to receive a drop of water from the pipeline connecting the island to Turkey, as the dispute over the management of the water drags into another week. Sources speaking to Turkish daily Hurriyet say that the water being pumped across is simply pouring into the sea. Turkish officials, however, are claiming

Deal reached on Turkey water pipeline

It seems a deal has finally been reached for the management of the water supplied by the pipeline connecting mainland Turkey to Myrtou dam in the village of Panagra (Geçitköy). After months of negotiations, recent media reports suggest that coalition partners in the Turkish Cypriot administration have agreed to privatise the pipeline’s operation under a

Erdogan: “The water from Turkey can be a water for peace”

Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis newspaper (30.10.15) reports that Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan speaking on a TV program responded to questions regarding the water pipeline project. Erdogan stated that if the Greek Cypriot side faces difficulties with water at one point, then the water brought from Turkey can be offered to them. “The water from Turkey

Turkey’s peace pipe to Cyprus

On Oct. 17, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan inaugurated a controversial water pipeline link with Turkish-governed northern Cyprus. He gave a speech about the $450 million project first in the Anamur district of Mersin where the water pipeline originates, and then he traveled to Kyrenia, the tourism capital of Turkish northern Cyprus. Summary⎙ Print The water

Cyprus “peace water” project: how it could affect Greek-Turkish relations on the island

A water pipeline between Turkey and northern Cyprus was recently completed, despite criticism from some Greek Cypriot politicians that the project would increase Turkey’s influence over the north of the island. Rebecca Bryant writes that the project represents part of Turkey’s long-term strategy to increase development in the north, preparing it for an agreement to

Turkish water is not enough to share

By Evie Andreou Despite endless offers from the Turkish Cypriot side to share the piped water from Turkey that began flowing on Saturday, the 75 million cubic metres a year is barely enough to help meet their own needs, the government’s water authorities said yesterday. The acting director of the Water Development Department Andreas Manolis

In deep waters

As the much-anticipated water from Turkey reached the northern part of Cyprus earlier this month, through an ambitious trans-Mediterranean pipeline, a bitter crisis has emerged over how this water will be managed. Returning to the management crisis, Turkey, saying the municipalities in the northern part of Cyprus do not have the financial means and are