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Burcu sees solution benefits for all

Burcu sees solution benefits for all

A Cyprus solution will revolutionise how Turkish Cypriots are perceived in the global community, says Baris Burcu, adding they will be equal founding partners of an internationally recognised country. Burcu, head spokesman of the office of Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci, was a guest on a live television programme in the north, according to Turkish

Give-and-take time for negotiations

By Esra Aygin Progress achieved in the negotiations to reunify Cyprus under a federal umbrella means the sides are just a stone’s throw away from the final give-and-take stage, according to a senior Turkish Cypriot source. The final give-and-take will involve painful political compromises across all the topics of the Cyprus problem, but mainly governance,

Words unite island’s communities

Messages of hope for a common future were recently sent out by Cypriots from both sides at the launch of Cyprus’ first Joint Dictionary of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot Dialect last week. “A dictionary that evokes childhood memories, with words that have been forgotten and [which] recall the past… This book helps us to

3+1 future scenarios for Cyprus

By Michalis S Michael Since the collapse of the Annan Plan in 2008 – the contention being that its finality was rendered during Demetris Christofias presidency– we are able to visualise, more clearly, the contradictory trajectory of Cyprus’s peace talks. By using the Burkean dictum that ‘those who ignore the past are condemned to repeat

In Cyprus, a renewed push toward peace raises new questions

The US has said a peace deal between the Greek and Turkish communities in Cyprus might be “within reach.” But some observers of the divided island suggest an agreement might be difficult to sustain. Like any good politician, US Secretary of State John Kerry understands the symbolic importance of a photograph. The image of him

Deal reached on Turkey water pipeline

It seems a deal has finally been reached for the management of the water supplied by the pipeline connecting mainland Turkey to Myrtou dam in the village of Panagra (Geçitköy). After months of negotiations, recent media reports suggest that coalition partners in the Turkish Cypriot administration have agreed to privatise the pipeline’s operation under a

Feelings of mistrust

By Esra Aygin The attack on several Turkish Cypriots by a group of young Greek Cypriot extremists and allegations that Greek Cypriot police stood by without intervening, has revealed deep-lying insecurities and feelings of mistrust among Turkish Cypriot society. “At a time when we are making such a big effort for a solution, the biggest

Views attributed to US Ambassador not true

The US Embassy in Nicosia issued a press release on Monday in response to Greek Cypriot political parties who disapproved of Turkish military officers attending a social event in the north. Strong criticism was directed at newly appointed US Ambassador Kathleen Ann Doherty and her diplomatic staff, who were seen in photos shaking hands with

Turkish interest for Cyprus investment

Ten foreign investment companies have been cleared to enter Cypriot markets while eight more are being considered, including a company with Turkish interests that wants to start a hedge fund on the island. According to Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) head Demitra Kalogirou, there is an application from Turkey still pending and she is