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[Video] Debate about Famagusta in UK Parliament

[Video] Debate about Famagusta in UK Parliament

On Monday 16 November MPs took part in a debate on the return of the sealed-off section of Famagusta to its lawful inhabitants in the House of Commons Chamber. This debate was scheduled by the Backbench Business Committee following a bid from David Burrowes, Matthew Offord and Sir Alan Meale on 3 November. Read the rest on: http://in-cyprus.com/british-mps-debated-famagusta-in-the-commons/ Video

Akinci’s view of 1974 reflects Makarios’ own

PEOPLE who have followed the political career of Mustafa Akinci would not have been surprised by the comments he made about the tragic events of 1974 this week. In a nutshell, Akinci’s position is that the military coup made the Turkish invasion inevitable and that the ensuing war caused pain and suffering to the whole

Anastasiades welcomes Akinci’s reference to 1974 as a ‘war’ and not just a ‘peace operation’

President Nicos Anastasiades on Monday welcomed statements by Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci on Sunday that what happened in 1974 was a war  and not just a ‘peace operation’. It was the first time any Turkish Cypriot leader had used the word ‘war’ in referring to the Turkish invasion or acknowledged the effects it had