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Cypriots must understand each other

Cypriots must understand each other

By President Nicos Anastasiades It is with great pleasure that I look upon the endeavour you are launching today, as it is my belief that lack of communication between the two communities in Cyprus, after decades of separation, continues to cause serious problems in understanding each other. Timely and accurate information available to everyone on

Five factors for a solution

The election of Mustafa Akinci as Turkish Cypriot leader in late April 2015 brought renewed vigour to negotiations to solve the Cyprus problem. At the time, the negotiations had been suspended and prospects of a settlement of the longstanding national problem looked bleak. However, less than a year later, negotiations have intensified and both Akinci

‘And bring all Cyprus comforts!’

  By Michalis S. Michael In many ways, Shakespeare’s Michael Cassio epitomises the quintessential European experience in the Cyprus conflict. A minor character who manages to play a major (distressing) role in the affairs of Cyprus’ ruling couple! Young, handsome, well-educated, passionate, often prone to bouts of dramatic exhortation, this Florentine gentleman-soldier of high manners,

A protest by KTOS against Turkey’s policies and practices in Cyprus

  Turkish Cypriot daily Detay newspaper (21.01.16) reports that the Turkish Cypriot Teachers’ Trade Union (KTOS) held yesterday a protest in front of the so-called Turkish embassy in the occupied area of Cyprus in order to condemn Turkey’s implementation projects and practices in the occupied area of Cyprus.  During the protest which was supported by the

New Greek and Turkish Cypriot recruits join SBA police

Seventeen new Sovereign Base Area Police officers have been sworn by Chief Constable Mick Matthews in Dhekelia with a further 14 joining on March 28, the British bases said on Tueday. When the final batch of recruits take the oath in March, it will mean 24 new Greek Cypriot officers and seven Turkish Cypriot officers

Turkish Cypriots mulling EAC power request

The Turkish Cypriot body responsible for electricity is chewing over the option of asking the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) to purchase electricity following problems with the Aksa power station in Gastria (Kalecik). Such a move, however, could only come about if it is green-lighted by the political hierarchy in the north but the situation

Turkish Cypriots view Greek Cypriots “as negatively as political parties”

By Evie Andreou A study by the Open University of Cyprus (OUC) and the Advanced Media Institute found Turkish Cypriots view Greek Cypriots negatively, it was announced on Friday. In a statement, the Open University said that the study, conducted by Iacovos Tsangaris under the scientific guidance of Athanassios N. Samaras, was based on more than

The lukewarm war between Russia and Turkey may heat up in Cyprus next

By Alper Riza Cyprus is a small island in a troubled region and in recent history her people have consistently shown a misguided understanding of what is in their best interests. The last thing they need at the moment is to take sides in the lukewarm war that has broken out between Russia and Turkey.

Vision for security

President Nicos Anastasiades has a vision for a post-settlement Cyprus that takes into account each community’s fears but does away with the traditional guarantor structure. As a result of the 1974 invasion, Greek Cypriots tend to see guarantor powers (Turkey, Greece and the UK) as a threat, while because of the coup that preceded it,