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TMT:Concerns about possible changes to be introduced in the education system

TMT:Concerns about possible changes to be introduced in the education system

According to Bayrak (20/01/2016), a delegation from the TMT Freedom Fighters Association who paid a visit to the Minister of National Education Kemal Dürüst has demanded that national values are preserved in the education system. Speaking during the visit, the Chairman of the TMT Association Yılmaz Bora said that the aim of their visit was

TMT chairman: Federation is a suicide

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibrisli newspaper (30.08.15) reports that Yilmaz Bora, the chairman of the TMT organization, stated that federation is a suicide and claimed that “there is a legal state in the northern part of Cyprus that should be recognized”. “We are known for saying no. You know why we say no? Because a federation

TMT association: Akinci’s and Eide’s statements worried the people

Turkish Cypriot daily Vatan newspaper (27.08.15) reports that Yilmaz Bora, chairman of the so-called Cyprus TMT fighters’ association, has alleged that no lasting and viable solution could be reached in Cyprus without taking into consideration the “realities” experienced on the island. In a written statement, Bora argued that efforts are exerted in the direction of

Facing Cyprus’ past

Documents from the BritishV archives published in the Turkish Cypriot media confirm that the Turkish Resistance Organisation – TMT is responsible for the murders and attempted murders of a number of leftist Turkish Cypriots in May 1958. In the documents, which are the English translations (by the British Sovereign Base Headquarters) of a number of