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Worse than old nightmares on Cyprus By @ykanli for #Hurriyet

Worse than old nightmares on Cyprus By @ykanli for #Hurriyet

As is said, “The bravest of the gypsies lists his crimes when boasting what a great man he is.” Turkish Cypriots sacked Mehmet Ali Talat from the presidency, kicked his party out of government and thus declared a firm “No” in 2009-2010 to officious and treacherous “cross voting” suggestions that aimed at creating a diabolical

Tacoy called Talat to clarify on which points there was progress at the talks

Under the front-page title: “The Greek Cypriots are unwilling for the solution”, Turkish Cypriot daily Bakis newspaper (16.09.15) reports that the general secretary of the Democratic party-National Forces (DP-UG) Hasan Tacoy, in a written statement, accused the Greek Cypriots of unwillingness to solve the Cyprus problem and called upon those who support it in the Turkish Cypriot

Talat: The negotiations are advancing extremely positively

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (27.08.15) reports that Mehmet Ali Talat, chairman of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) and former Turkish Cypriot leader, has said that the negotiations for finding a solution to the Cyprus problem are advancing extremely positively. In statements to Anatolia news agency, Talat said: “After all aspects of the Cyprus problem

Talat: “I urge everyone to vote for Mr Akıncı in the second ballot”

Acording to KP Daily News, following his visit to Kudret Özersay independent presidential candidate Mustafa Akıncı visiteer former president Mehmet Ali Talat at his office. Last night CTP-BG announced that they will give active support for Akıncı in the second ballot. After meeting with Akıncı Talat also declared that he will be supporting Akıncı in

EUL/NGL criticise Turkey as responsible for Cyprus peace talks collapse

  Head of The European United Left/Nordic Green Left coalition in the European Parliament, Gabi Zimmer, has indicated that they will present changes to the EP Turkey report with regards to the actions by Turkey in the Cyprus EEZ and the issue of missing persons in Cyprus. Responding to a letter by AKEL GS Kiprianou,