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We must root out the cancer of party and church control of education

We must root out the cancer of party and church control of education

By George Koumoullis “Tell me your teachers and I’ll tell you who you are,” goes the Greek saying which should reverberate in Cyprus after the unprovoked and unjustified attacks on Turkish Cypriots by students during the recent demonstrations condemning the establishment of the pseudo-state. Most of the students detained for these attacks were from one

Anastasiades calls for end to ‘patriotic hooliganism’

President Nicos Anastasiades on Sunday called for an end to hooliganism associated with patriotism as it was giving fodder to anti-solution elements. He was referring to a series of attacks on Turkish Cypriot motorists by school students in three separate incidents on November 16 during anti-occupations demonstrations in Nicosia. Read the rest on: http://cyprus-mail.com/2015/11/22/anastasiades-cic-hooliganism/

A meaningless protest

On November 15, 32 years ago, the Denktash regime unilaterally declared the north an independent state with Turkey’s blessing. Every year since then, people in the south have observed the anniversary by demonstrating against it. In the first few years, huge crowds took part in protests, but more recently the mantle of objecting to the

Students of Palyometocho sent message of peace to protest for the attacks against Turkish Cypriots

Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper (18.11.15) reports that in response to the racist attacks against the Turkish Cypriots the day before yesterday, Greek Cypriot students held a peace demonstration yesterday. “University students in the south held anti-fascist and anti-occupation demonstrations in four cities yesterday”, notes the paper adding that placards signs writing in Turkish and Greek that