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Akinci: To lift sport embargoes we must solve Cyprus issue

Akinci: To lift sport embargoes we must solve Cyprus issue

Turkish Cypriot daily Vatan newspaper (25.11.15) under the title: “We cannot overpass the sport embargoes without the solution process”, reports on statements by the Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci who in a press conference yesterday referred to the “sport embargoes” and said, inter alia, that without a solution on the Cyprus problem, it is difficult

[Listen]:Young people shoot hoops to bridge Cyprus divide #DW @peaceplayers

It’s an island ripped apart by politicial, ideological and physical divisions. But youngsters here – both Greek and Turkish Cypriots – are coming together through basketball. Alexa Dvorson reports. Listen the report here: http://www.dw.com/en/youngsters-shoot-hoops-to-bridge-cyprus-divide/a-18725625 Peace Players International (CY) – Jotun Cyprus [Video 2015]

Bicakli: Turkish football federation move is unacceptable

Clubs union president Arslan Bicakli released a press statement with regards to statement by the TC Football Federation boss Sertoglu with regards to the application by the Turkish Football Federation. The statement criticised that whilst all these embargoes were ongoing on the TRNC, the latest move by the Turkish Football Federation in their letter to

Footballer claims received death threats after becoming 1st G/c join T/c team

http://www.parikiaki.com/2014/10/cypriot-footballer-claims-he-received-death-threats/ A footballer claims to have received death threats after becoming the first Greek Cypriot to join a Turkish Cypriot team for more than half a century.Demetris Vassiliou, 35, says he has been the target of abuse both personally and via social networking sites, since news broke that he had signed for Degirmenlik in the

First bi-communal classic car show “Cyprus Classic Car Festival”

https://www.facebook.com/events/642390685858992/ “For the first time, two classic car clubs from the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities are organizing a bi-communal classic car show, the “Cyprus Classic Car Festival”………”    (Greek and Turkish below)  https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=660173427414976&id=106675499431441

T/c newspapers refer far-right threats against G/c footballer & express support

http://www.worldbulletin.net/news/145377/greek-cypriot-footballer-labelled-traitor-for-joining-turkish-cypriot-team“A Greek Cypriot footballer has been branded a traitor for joining a Turkish Cypriot team last week. Dimitris Vasiliou, who was due to debut for Turkish Cypriot first division side Degermenlik on Saturday against Hamitkoy, was prevented from attending the match by Greek Cypriot far-right fanatics who had surrounded his home in the Greek Cypriot-controlled

Cyprus Rally for the 1st time took crews through G/c & T/c areas of Nicosia

http://www.brtk.net/?english_posts=lefkose-witnessed-special-stage-international-rally“Hundreds of motor sport fans lined the streets of central Lefkoşa yesterday afternoon to watch the Cyprus Rally’s opening ‘superspecial’ stage – which for the first time took crews through both the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot areas of the capital………” Rally on the streets of Nicosia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=890HxLZLH6M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxT8VS9n06A