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Shameful that Cyprus still remains divided,Tsipras tells UN General Assembly

It is a shame that Cyprus has remained divided for 41 years, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told the United Nations General Assembly during his speech on Thursday. “Greece gives specific attention in its involvement with its adjacent neighbours,” Tsipras said.  He added that it was important that there are new initiatives in the area

Preservation of the RoC and a settlement are mutually exclusive

IT WAS predictable that rejectionist political parties would use today’s celebration of Independence Day to repeat the tiresome message that the Cyprus Republic must be preserved at all costs, even after a settlement. This is coded support for partition along the existing dividing line that the rejectionists, despite the bravery they display when verbally attacking

Anastasiades’ UN speech ‘tragic’, rejectionist parties say

THE GOVERNMENT on Wednesday was left defending President Nicos Anastasiades’ speech to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday after the rejectionist parties slammed it, a day after they welcomed reports that he would publicly state his ‘red lines’ on the Cyprus issue to world leaders. According to the parties, Anastasiades had not gone far enough