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Quiet revolution in north as T/c adopt chunks of EU acquis

Quiet revolution in north as T/c adopt chunks of EU acquis

By Esra Aygin As the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot leaders intensify negotiations aimed at reuniting Cyprus, a quiet revolution in the north, which involves adapting the legislative framework to European Union norms, is also gaining new ground. Although there is no formal timeframe in the negotiations process, the sides are aiming at a settlement

Turkish Cypriot anxiety over 4:1 ratio

A report by Turkish daily Hurriyet has brought reactions in the occupied areas in the north about a proposal for a four-to-one ratio between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots in a post solution federal Cyprus. According to Hurriyet, who also cited a publication by Greek Cypriot daily Politis on the subject, the estimate that dozens

CY passports in demand among Turkish Cypriots

Turkish Cypriots are visiting the Nicosia District administrative office in droves to get Cypriot passports, ID cards, or birth certificates, despite the hot summer months. According to Nicosia District Manager Marios Panayides, who spoke to Phileleftheros, applications are usually high in the summer months due to travel abroad. However, there are noticeably more Turkish Cypriots in the 150-200

The water from southern Turkey will arrive by the end of 2015

By Esra Aygin The first drop of water through an 80 kilometre trans-Mediterranean pipeline from southern Turkey to the north will arrive by the end of 2015, according to Birol Çınar of Turkey’s State Waterworks. Despite delays, the ambitious water transfer project to supply the occupied north with 75 million cubic metres of drinking and