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2015 SCORE index findings launched @SCOREIndex

2015 SCORE index findings launched @SCOREIndex

If you want to solve the Cyprus problem, your best use of resources is to hone in on the fears of young Greek Cypriot (GC) women and right-wing Turkish Cypriot (TC) men. They will be the key swing vote in any coming referenda and they have very specific concerns about the thorniest of issues in

[Event] Launch of 2015 @SCOREIndex findings for Cyprus

The event will present the latest research findings from the “Social Cohesion and Reconciliation (SCORE) Index and answer questions such as “How represented do the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots feel by their institutions?”, “How threatened do the two communities feel about the other community?”, “How close or far do the two communities perceive they

The two communities in Cyprus as “apart as ever”

US ambassador John Koenig has described a bi-communal survey on social cohesion and reconciliation in divided Cyprus as ‘very revealing’ with the main point being that reunification remains distant. “Back in 2012 (when he had arrived in Cyprus) the (political) mood on the island was quite hopeful. A lot of significant events have affected that mood,