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A young boy of 18 from Lythrodontas…

A young boy of 18 from Lythrodontas…

By Sevgul Uludag I had first written in 2007 about a young Greek Cypriot soldier who had gone to Kampilli and kept there for some days as a prisoner of war and then killed and buried somewhere in the village… My Turkish Cypriot readers would continue to share their information and I would publish more

The first grave monument for both T/c & G/c`missing persons`is built in Mari

On the 5th of September 2015 Saturday in the afternoon we go to Mari, the village of Leyla Kiralp whose husband had been killed in the Tochni massacre and whose remains were found in Gerasa together with the other `missing` Turkish Cypriots on the same bus as him… Leyla’s husband Ahmet had been from Zygi