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A curb on settlers

A curb on settlers

By Esra Aygin The Turkish Cypriot ‘parliament’ has passed a new law that will effectively suspend the handing out of further ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ citizenship except for births and marriages, replacing it with permanent residence permits instead. Under the new law, some 10,000 people, who are already entitled to receive ‘TRNC’ citizenship, will

Rejecting something good to run after ‘something better’

THE GREAT Athenian philosopher Socrates had once said that “It is better to suffer injustice rather than impose injustice on others”. In the negotiations on Cyprus we are trying to do better than what the wise Athenian had preached. We are trying to strike a solution whereby there will be overall justice. It is not

Around 15 thousand settlers arrive annually in occupied Cyprus

Annual illegal arrivals in the Turkish-occupied areas of Cyprus are estimated at 10 to 15 thousand people, with settlers currently numbering more than 120 thousand, speakers at a conference in the European Parliament, Brussels, said on Tuesday. The event was organised on the initiative of Cypriot MEP Costas Mavrides (DIKO, S&D) and, according to participants,

New poll outlines ordinary Greek Cypriots’ ‘red lines’

A new poll of Greek Cypriots, released on Sunday,  has found the vast majority favour an end to guarantees, the withdrawal of all Turkish troops and settlers, and the non-equation of ‘current users’ of Greek Cypriot properties with the legal owners. The islandwide poll of 1,000 people was carried out in September for Sigmalive by

Settlers accused Akinci for showing a separatist and discriminatory stance

Turkish Cypriot daily Vatan newspaper (24.09.15) under the title: “Reaction to Akinci by the “TRNC NGO’s Initiative””, reports that “TRNC NGO’s Initiative” which is composed by 20 NGO organizations which were established in the occupied area of Cyprus after 1974 by Turkish settlers, expressed strong criticism to the Turkish Cypriot leader, Mustafa Akinci. The “Initiative”

Five challenges to peace

Detailed preparations are underway for the two sides to get into the deep waters of the Cyprus problem in November, the Cyprus Weekly has learned. The leaders and their aides reckon that intense negotiations until the end of December will either produce major trade-offs that will ease the current process to a settlement or will

Government: We want to secure no change in the country’s demography

No agreement has been reached until now, on the issue of settlers brought from Turkey, government spokesperson Nikos Christodoulides said on Saturday, in response to statements made by the DIKO party in the issue. He said, “At the point, who will be allowed citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus is being discussed.  Until now there

UBP Cavusoglu’s conditions for a solution in Cyprus

Halkin Sesi newspaper (04.09.15) reports that Nazim Cavusoglu, “deputy” with the National Unity Party (UBP) and one of the six candidates for the party’s leadership in the forthcoming UBP election congress evaluated the recent developments in the negotiations and claimed that “an agreement must be based on the TRNC”. As he claimed if a solution

Turks born in the north have a right to stay?

No distinction will be made between Turkish settlers who have been living in Cyprus for years now and ‘original’ Turkish Cypriots in the case of a solution, Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci stated. Responding to recent reports that all settlers would be sent back to Turkey in case of a solution as a result of

A settler solution

Proposals discussed at the UN-brokered talks suggest that the makeup of federal Cyprus’ population should be at a ratio of four Greek Cypriots to one Turkish Cypriot. And this could be good news, because the traditional structure of the divided island will be maintained despite the influx of Turkish settlers in the breakaway north, informed