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Cyprus reunification would bring ‘development boom’

Cyprus reunification would bring ‘development boom’

Reunification of financially-strained Cyprus would bring about a “development boom,” President Nicos Anastasiades told the annual general meeting of the Cyprus Employers Federation (OEB) in Nicosia on Tuesday evening. “It’s not just wishful thinking. It is common knowledge in economic terms that the virtue of peace goes hand in hand with security. And security is

Akinci’s victory: a salute to Cypriot reunification

A couple of years back few would expect that a retired politician associated with a small leftist party would make a resounding comeback to politics. But the Cypriot public has questioned partition again and again by electing prominent pro-unification figures. The landslide victory of Mustafa Akinci with a 60.3 percent of the vote brought renewed

In a Turkish Cypriot team signed another two Greek Cypriot football players

The article in Greek and in Turkish language:  Μετά τους Δημήτρη Βασιλείου και Αργύρη Χριστοφή ακόμη δύο Ελληνοκύπριοι ποδοσφαιριστές πήραν την απόφαση να παίξουν μπάλα στα κατεχόμενα. Πρόκειται για τους Στέλιο Κίττο και Μιχάλη Μιχαήλ, οι οποίοι υπέγραψαν συμβόλαιο με (ποιάν άλλη;) την ομάδα της κατεχόμενης Κυθραίας. Ο Στέλιος Κίττος είναι γνωστός στο φίλαθλο κοινό

KTÖS calls for joint human chain demonstration at Ledra Street check-point

KTÖS (Cyprus Turkish Teacher Union) called all the pro-peace groups and people from both sides of the Island to join the demonstration which will take place on Saturday morning in order to raise a ‘joint and strong voice against the perpetrators of despicable crimes of our past and their likeminded supporters’. KTÖS (Cyprus Turkish Teacher

Human chain uniting Cyprus across the divide at Ledra street checkpoint – Saturday 20th December, 2014

Bi-communal Peace Initiative – United Cyprus is organizing a symbolic event on Saturday 20th December 2014, where a human chain  from both sides of the divide along Ledra street, unfolding red ribbons will join across the Lokmaci checkpoint to reunite the island. The first to hold hands and send a message of Peace and Reconciliation

Mean assaults to Dogus Derya after spoke during parliamentary meeting

There are some brave politicians on this island, and even braver are the women politicians.Female Turkish Cypriot politician Dogus Derya stood up in the ‘parliament’ in the north and stated the following on 15 December 2014:“on this Island it is not the Turkish Cypriots that suffered only! Greek Cypriots too suffered a lot… many Greek

Hasan Sertoglu:Ending 60 years of football separation as soon as possible our main objective

Open Letter To All Cypriots and The Members of The Cypriot Football Community     16/12/2014  A year ago, the Turkish-Cypriot football community, its clubs and all the actors represented by the Cyprus-Turkish FA (CTFA/KTFF), endorsed the strategic vision of the reunification of football on the island. The goals behind this historic decision were clear:

Spreading the word of federation

The launch of the movement on Sunday By Constantinos Psillides THE INAUGURATION of the Federal Cyprus Movement (FCM) on Sunday was a resounding success, according to one of the founding members Sotos Ktoris, who said that he hopes that the movement will foster a federal solution to the Cyprus problem. More than 200 people, including