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Brown’s appraisal on Turkish intentions

Brown’s appraisal on Turkish intentions

L. Dean Brown, Deputy Under Secretary of State for Management of the United States in 1974, was sent by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to Cyprus to take charge of the USA Embassy in Nicosia after the tragic assassination on August 19, 1974 of Ambassador Rodger Davis and until the appointment of a new Ambassador.

CY passports in demand among Turkish Cypriots

Turkish Cypriots are visiting the Nicosia District administrative office in droves to get Cypriot passports, ID cards, or birth certificates, despite the hot summer months. According to Nicosia District Manager Marios Panayides, who spoke to Phileleftheros, applications are usually high in the summer months due to travel abroad. However, there are noticeably more Turkish Cypriots in the 150-200

Campaign against reunited Cyprus name and flag change

Cyprus’ Green party on Wednesday said they will set up a joint Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot platform supporting a proposal to keep the name “Cyprus Republic” even after the divided island’s reunification. The Cyprus flag should also stay the same, added the one-seat party leader George Perdikis who noted that a resolution has already