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Rejectionists are seeking the very state they once sought to destroy

Rejectionists are seeking the very state they once sought to destroy

SPEAKING at the opening of the overseas Cypriots’ conference on Tuesday evening, President Anastasiades said many truths and lashed out against the populism of the opposition parties. He also launched an attack on some he did not name saying: “Do we want the Cyprus Republic? Of course we want it. But the Cyprus Republic is

Greek Cypriot business leader’s Hong Kong-Turkey allegory angers parties

An allegory by Christos Michaelides, the chairman of the Greek Cyprus’ top business body, who told Hürriyet Daily News that the divided island can become to Turkey what Hong Kong is to China if peace is achieved, has sparked controversy and criticism. The Movement for Social Democracy (EDEK), an opposition party, accused Michaelides, head of

Rejectionist parties are too cowardly to be honest

THERE is nothing easier than occupying the moral high ground, doing nothing of practical value or consequence and disparaging those who do things. This is what our opposition parties consider as meaningful political activity. They find fault with every decision or action taken by the government, ranting and raving against it, like immature, know-it-all undergraduates,

AKEL:We wait alternative proposals from those that promote negativism on the Cyprus problem

AKEL C.C. Press Office, 20th July 2015, Nicosia The President of the Democratic Party DIKO Nicholas Papadopoulos chose the eve of the black anniversary of the Turkish invasion to repeat himself by demonstrating his well-known negativism that characterizes his positions on the Cyprus problem, accompanied by significant doses of alarmism, distortions and petty-party considerations and

View: Rejectionists are an anachronistic irrelevance

HOW STRANGE it is see the Cyprus negotiations progressing smoothly, with the leaders and negotiators of the two communities focused on the job at hand and shunning the dirty tricks, blame games and public showboating that were part of all previous procedures. We have not been accustomed to such a businesslike and mature approach to