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Havadis:60,000 G/c will return at the T/c state and 100,000 at the G/c state

Havadis:60,000 G/c will return at the T/c state and 100,000 at the G/c state

Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis newspaper (08.12.15) reports that it has acquired a very critical document which combines the proposals of the Greek Cypriot Property Committee with the Turkish proposals on the issue. There is no consensus on the document, writes the paper adding that the document came to the attention of the “presidency” and the

UK interested in Cyprus solution compensation

The British government is gearing up to send financial experts to look into the matter of compensation in a bid to try and boost the ongoing peace talks in Cyprus. According to reports in Phileleftheros on Monday, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond had spoken extensively with high ranking officials during his recent visit to Nicosia

No money, no honey

Those who think that the international community will dip into its pocket for a Cyprus solution are in for a big surprise. The idea that Hungarians, who earn half of Cypriot salaries, will accept sending billions of euros to finance a refugee properties arrangement is a pipe dream. Even the word ‘refugee’ brings Europeans out

Scaremongering and bad jokes

Some political outsiders are taking a tough view on the ongoing property issue being discussed on the Cyprus problem while others simply can’t take a joke. All this and more in The Dark Room… Scare tactics You would have noticed, I am sure, that there is a lot of scaremongering going on about the property

G/c refugees visiting Gialousa often and “harassing” the inhabitants

Under the title “Tension is escalating”, Turkish Cypriot daily Star Kibris newspaper (24.08.15) reports that  The inhabitants told the paper that the Greek Cypriots take pictures, enter in some houses and tell them that “this place is ours, you should come out and we are going to settle here”. The former “mayor” of occupied Gialousa, Ozay

Reaching out to enemy communities after conflict

Dr Christalla Yakinthou is a Birmingham Fellow in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Birmingham. She presented at ‪‎TEDx‬ at the University of Birmingham recently. Among many issues, she spoke about Cyprus and Bosnia. She spoke about the missing people and the relations between the people of the various

Anastasiades points to wholly different climate in the talks

According to GC newspaper SIMERINI Anastasiades yesterday referred to “a wholly different climate” in the talks, in which the various concerns of both sides are allowed to be expressed. In an interview he gave to Sigma he explained that up to now, a codifying of the differences and convergences was being carried out, pinpointing what