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Can Cyprus become a much-needed model of Muslim-Christian reconciliation?

Can Cyprus become a much-needed model of Muslim-Christian reconciliation?

In Iraq and Syria, minority Christians are still on the run from Islamic State. Yet in the rest of the region, the tragedy has triggered an unusual competition of ecumenical goodwill. Religious leaders in Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon have recently proclaimed their societies are models of coexistence between Muslims and Christians. Outside the Middle East,

Teachers work for peace and reconciliation through educational programmes

The need to have an educational system which promotes peace and reconciliation rather than perpertuating violence ans war is the focus of a programme entitled “Education for a Culture of Peace”. In a joint interview with the CNA, Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot participants to the programme Loizos Loukaides and Süleyman Gelener point out that,

The truth will help set our nation free

Over the last quarter century, Truth and Reconciliation Commissions (TRC) emerged as the international norm during in many peace processes. They have been established in nearly 40 countries and have become an important element for national re-conciliation and post-conflict peace-building. Some of them have been ill-born, while others have been successful, providing a model for

Cyprus problem different perspectives and how it could possibly be resolved

The Cyprus Problem has remained unsolved for decades. It has been likened in many ways to a Rubric Cube puzzle that cannot be worked out. This video looks at different definitions of what the problem is – how it could possibly be resolved and considers a number of research findings on the past and possibilities

Narratives of a conflict By @eratokm1

When we talk about narratives, we define it as the spoken or written account of connected events, which could be real or imagined, that provide a chain of events that are recounted to others and especially to future generations. In intractable conflicts, a certain narrative of the conflict is created, which nurtures a separate collective

Mean assaults to Dogus Derya after spoke during parliamentary meeting

There are some brave politicians on this island, and even braver are the women politicians.Female Turkish Cypriot politician Dogus Derya stood up in the ‘parliament’ in the north and stated the following on 15 December 2014:“on this Island it is not the Turkish Cypriots that suffered only! Greek Cypriots too suffered a lot… many Greek