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Failed protocol, water and municipalities

Failed protocol, water and municipalities

Tuğrul Türkeş, Turkey’s deputy prime minister in charge of Cyprus, was apparently puzzled with developments on Cyprus and admitted that he could not understand the Turkish Cypriot mentality. His late father, Alparslan Türkeş, the legendary “Başbuğ” of Turkey’s nationalist movement, was a Turkish Cypriot, and the younger Türkeş has been considering himself as someone ethnically connected

Saving Turkish Cypriots…

Hurrah… Once again Turkey extended its generous helping hand and salvaged Turkish Cypriots from an economic collapse. Deputy Prime Minister Tuğrul Türkeş – a Turkish Cypriot from his late father Alparslan Türkeş – signed a 62.5-million-Turkish-Lira check to save the Turkish Cypriot economy days before the start of the new year, though on the island

Israel-Turkey pipeline it may provide the final push to end Cyprus conflict

Interestingly, this Cyprus challenge also presents an exciting opportunity. A natural gas pipeline from Israeli offshore fields to Turkey will need to transit Cypriot territorial waters. While at first blush this may seem problematic, it may provide the final push needed to bring an end to the island’s 50+ year old dispute. Even as the

Fresh water crisis grows in Cyprus over authorization dispute By @Omerbilge

Fresh water has been pumped through a new pipeline to the sea rather than to households in Turkish Cyprus, amid an unresolved dispute between Turkey and Turkish Cyprus over who will run the water affairs of the newly-built pipeline. The Northern Cyprus Water Supply Project, dubbed “the project of the century,” is an international water

Turkey submits its demand to administrate water.Disagreements between CTP-UBP

Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen newspaper (03.12.15) reports Turkey has submitted in writing its proposal regarding the administration of the water, which had been brought to the occupied area of Cyprus from Anatolia through undersea pipelines. The paper’s general editing director, Cenk Mutluyakali writes in his column that this proposal was a demand for an

Deal reached on Turkey water pipeline

It seems a deal has finally been reached for the management of the water supplied by the pipeline connecting mainland Turkey to Myrtou dam in the village of Panagra (Geçitköy). After months of negotiations, recent media reports suggest that coalition partners in the Turkish Cypriot administration have agreed to privatise the pipeline’s operation under a

Pipeline carrying water to northern Cyprus ‘blocked due to crisis’

 A pipeline project, opened to carry fresh water to Northern Cyprus from the Turkish province of Mersin, is allegedly experiencing a water stoppage due to the deepening of an existing crisis over which authority will manage the pipeline. Several Turkish and Turkish Cypriot media outlets have alleged that Turkey has recently halted the fresh water

Erdogan: “The water from Turkey can be a water for peace”

Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis newspaper (30.10.15) reports that Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan speaking on a TV program responded to questions regarding the water pipeline project. Erdogan stated that if the Greek Cypriot side faces difficulties with water at one point, then the water brought from Turkey can be offered to them. “The water from Turkey

Turkey’s peace pipe to Cyprus

On Oct. 17, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan inaugurated a controversial water pipeline link with Turkish-governed northern Cyprus. He gave a speech about the $450 million project first in the Anamur district of Mersin where the water pipeline originates, and then he traveled to Kyrenia, the tourism capital of Turkish northern Cyprus. Summary⎙ Print The water

Cyprus “peace water” project: how it could affect Greek-Turkish relations on the island

A water pipeline between Turkey and northern Cyprus was recently completed, despite criticism from some Greek Cypriot politicians that the project would increase Turkey’s influence over the north of the island. Rebecca Bryant writes that the project represents part of Turkey’s long-term strategy to increase development in the north, preparing it for an agreement to