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CY passports in demand among Turkish Cypriots

CY passports in demand among Turkish Cypriots

Turkish Cypriots are visiting the Nicosia District administrative office in droves to get Cypriot passports, ID cards, or birth certificates, despite the hot summer months. According to Nicosia District Manager Marios Panayides, who spoke to Phileleftheros, applications are usually high in the summer months due to travel abroad. However, there are noticeably more Turkish Cypriots in the 150-200

Nationalist politician seen to obtain Republic of Cyprus ID card & passport

Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper (03.07.15) reports that Ertugrul Hasipoglu, one of the most nationalist politicians in the breakaway regime who in various cases accused the pro-solution Turkish Cypriots of being “TRNC traitors” was seen in the free area of the Republic of Cyprus, obtaining an ID card and a passport of the Republic. The