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Obama and Erdogan discuss Cyprus

Obama and Erdogan discuss Cyprus

US President Barack Obama and Turkish President Tayip Erdogan discussed the progress on Cyprus peace negotiations and signalled their mutual support in the months to come. The two leaders had a telephone conversations on Thursday in which they discussed ISIL and PKK threats as well as regional issues ahead of a G20 Summit in Antalya,

Obama: An historic opportunity the talks for a Cyprus settlement

In a congratulatory message to the President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Cyprus, Obama said  “we value our enduring partnership with the Republic of Cyprus. I am pleased that over the last year we have strengthened our ties, worked to promote

Obama’s bimonthly report on Cyprus focuses on resumption of talks

The US President`s bimonthly report on progress toward a negotiated solution of the Cyprus question covering the period April 1 through May 31, concentrated on the resumption of the UN-facilitated efforts toward a comprehensive solution after a seven-month suspension. The report, which was drafted by the State Department, is accompanied by a cover letter by

Energy resources to be shared equitably between both communities within the context of an overall settlement

  The United States remains committed to finding a just and lasting settlement, reunifying Cyprus as a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation, US Assistant Secretary Legislative Affairs Julia Frifield said in a letter attached to the US President`s bi-monthly report on Cyprus covering the period October 1, 2014 – November 30, 2014. The report was handed over

US President Barack Obama issues bi-monthly report on Cyprus

Published by:http://www.parikiaki.com/2014/12/us-president-issues-bi-monthly-report-on-cyprus/ The US State Department submitted, on October 31st, to the leaders of the US House and the US Senate President Barack Obama’s bi-monthly report on Cyprus which covers the period between June 1st 2014 – July 31st 2014. A cover letter signed by Julia Frifield, US Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs,