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Unite Cyprus Now: ‘Cypriots should take the future in our hands’

Unite Cyprus Now: ‘Cypriots should take the future in our hands’

The movement Unite Cyprus Now has given an open call to Cypriots who do not want to see the current negotiation process collapsing, to get together tonight, at 19:00, at Ledra Street/Lokmaci Buffer zone in order to shout out the desire for a United Cyprus. In the face of a perceived collapse in negotiations for the

A New Approach to Security is Needed in Cyprus

Cartoon first published in POLITICO Europe, Belgium, January 12, 2017 | By Rytis Daukantas   By Alpbuğra Bahadır Gültekin*   Chances of settlement in Cyprus increasing Parties and guarantors (Turkey, Greece and United Kingdom) met in Geneva on January 12th to discuss the most critical chapters of security and guarantees for the first time. Parties

How could a future President of a federal Cyprus be elected?

Negotiations between the Greek Cypriot and the Turkish Cypriot side have progressed to a great extent on the four chapters of Governance and Power Sharing, EU Affairs, Economy and Property. It is admitted by both sides that the chapter of Governance and Power Sharing is almost closed. One of the final areas of disagreement remains

People of Cyprus: The Report

Introducing the idea We often talk about the 2 communities of Cyprus. Each of these 2 communities receives an education heavily oriented towards the so called “mother country”, often neglecting our common history  on this island. But in this way, not only is the history and background of the other community not taught, we also

People of Cyprus: The Videos

  People of Cyprus Part 1: An Overview In the first video, the Cypriot Puzzle examines the population development on the island. When did the first inhabitants of the island arrive? Who has passed from the island and what were the significant historical developments that influenced it? How did the population shape after the independence

Give-and-take time for negotiations

By Esra Aygin Progress achieved in the negotiations to reunify Cyprus under a federal umbrella means the sides are just a stone’s throw away from the final give-and-take stage, according to a senior Turkish Cypriot source. The final give-and-take will involve painful political compromises across all the topics of the Cyprus problem, but mainly governance,

“Don’t Waste World’s Best Chance for Peace”

Over the past two months the Republic of Cyprus has hosted a parade of foreign leaders — German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and Secretary of State John Kerry — each declaring support for reunification negotiations that will end the 41-year division of Cyprus. With the

Anastasiades gives parliament detailed briefing in February

President Nicos Anastasiades will be informing the parliament on the latest development in the Cyprus problem on 11 February, government spokesperson Nikos Christodoulides told Radio Proto on Saturday. Christodoulides said that after discussing with the parliament’s head, Yiannakis Omirou, the President will address the parliament on 11 February after the three January meeting planned with

Greek Cypriot negotiator Andreas Mavroyiannis is not resigning his post

Greek Cypriot negotiator at the UN-led peace talks, Andreas Mavroyiannis, has clarified, with statements to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), that he is not resigning his post. Invited to comment on press reports that he will soon be submitting his resignation to the President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades, he said “there is no such

Eurasia Group Sees Positive Developments in Cyprus Negotiations

UN-sponsored negotiations on a settlement of the Cyprus problem have made progress over the last year and the two sides are now addressing the unreservedly  contentious issue of property and territory. It’s going to be hard bargaining, but according to the Eurasia Group there is reason for optimism. Chief editor Gary Lakes reports on a recent paper