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A meaningless protest

A meaningless protest

On November 15, 32 years ago, the Denktash regime unilaterally declared the north an independent state with Turkey’s blessing. Every year since then, people in the south have observed the anniversary by demonstrating against it. In the first few years, huge crowds took part in protests, but more recently the mantle of objecting to the

The Turkish press gets into action to prevent the reunification of the Cyprus football

Turkish daily Hurriyet newspaper (28.03.15, online http://www.hurriyet.com.tr/spor/futbol/28583205.asp) refers to the efforts in the direction of the reunification of the Cypriot football under the title “The fear became true in Cyprus! The TRNC Football Federation is becoming member of the Greek Cypriot Federation!” The paper reports that the Turkish Cypriot “federation” (“KTFF”) two years ago had