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Govt asks media to give source of leaked document

Govt asks media to give source of leaked document

Following a fracas, the government on Tuesday asked two media outlets to say whether a document handed to parties had been leaked by the Presidential Palace. Government spokesman urged the two media outlets that published the document, hours after it was distributed to parties who had promised not to leak it, to say where it

Anastasiades: May elections could be postponed for two or three months for Cyprus problem

Briefing the National Council on Saturday, President Nicos Anastasiades did not rule out the possibility of postponing the May parliamentary elections if necessary for “two to three months.” “Be ready, for such a possibility,” Anastasiades told members of the Council. Presiding over a meeting of the island’s top advisory political body, the National Council, Anastasiades

@yiorgoslillikas criticises Anastasiades for making National Council useless

According to a report in PHILELEFTEROS, Lillikas criticised Anastasiades for making the National Council imbalanced and useless. He argued that Anastasiades convened the National Council later and misinformed them; he pointed to a road map Anastasiades accepted last summer which was………. Read the rest on: http://www.kpdailynews.com/index.php/cat/35/news/5082/PageName/CYPRUS_LOCAL_NEWS

View: Only those pro a solution should be party to developments

PRESIDENT Anastasiades must have regretted attending the opening of the 22nd AKEL Conference on Thursday. Although he had been warned he would come under criticism in the speech of party leader Andros Kyprianou he said he had not been prepared for the intensity of the attack. Kyprianou accused the president of deceiving voters, lying, looking

View: Hard-line parties should not attend National Council

EDEK might call itself a socialist party, but the truth is that it has always made more stock out of its nationalism and hard-line stance on the Cyprus problem than its supposedly socialist ideals. It was therefore no surprise that its newly-elected leader Marinos Sizpopoulos, on Sunday, pushed the party’s central committee to adopt the