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Our enviable future as a circus state

Our enviable future as a circus state

UNDER normal circumstances, the only word to describe what we hear every day from our political demagogues is incredible. But we know them well and therefore nothing surprises us any longer, even though the president’s speech at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday provided the inspiration for them to surpass themselves. EUROKO asked Nicos Anastasiades

Paphos EDEK saga goes on

ELEVEN members of EDEK’s Paphos district committee yesterday tendered their resignations – for a second time – from the body. The head of the committee and ten others quit citing irreconcilable differences with the socialist party’s leadership. “This action was deemed as the only appropriate way out to preserve the dignity of the committee members,

View: Hard-line parties should not attend National Council

EDEK might call itself a socialist party, but the truth is that it has always made more stock out of its nationalism and hard-line stance on the Cyprus problem than its supposedly socialist ideals. It was therefore no surprise that its newly-elected leader Marinos Sizpopoulos, on Sunday, pushed the party’s central committee to adopt the

Omirou slams Edek’s decision on Cyprus issue

Former socialist Edek leader Yiannakis Omirou said on Monday that the party’s decision to reject a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation as a solution to the Cyprus problem was nothing but “dangerous acrobatics”. Omirou, who is also the House President and stepped from the part a few months ago, also wrote on his Twitter account that “Edek