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Hearing problems and cricket

Hearing problems and cricket

Politics… No matter what positive statement the Turkish Cypriot leader may make on Cyprob, our bunch of well-known super patriots can’t hear it, or choose not to hear it. The latest example is Akinci’s statement on 1974. He said that it was a war and the main victims were Greek Cypriots. He mentioned it twice

View: Unnecessary outrage over motherland comment

THE MOCK outrage provoked among opposition leaders by President Anastasiades’ weekend reference to the negative role played by the mother countries in Cyprus was to be expected. Papadopoulos, Lillikas and the rest of the party leaders are always on the look-out for examples of the president’s allegedly deficient patriotism to highlight to the public and

Patriotic wolves baying for US blood

THE PATRIOTIC wolves were baying for the blood of the departing US ambassador John Koenig after he told a University of Cyprus audience last Tuesday that the Cyprob was “not an issue of invasion and occupation.” It was a comment calculated to anger Greek Cypriots, suggesting that even experienced diplomats allow their personal feelings and