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KTOEOS trade union condemned the attack against Hur

KTOEOS trade union condemned the attack against Hur

Turkish Cypriot daily Ortam newspaper (20.08.15) reports that the chairman of the Turkish Cypriot Secondary School Teachers’ Trade Union (KTOEOS) Tahir Gokcebel, in a written statement yesterday, condemned the arson against the house of Kamil Hur, who held an activity on August 16 in order to celebrate the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus. In the

Bicommunal May Day celebration to be held in the buffer zone

Several Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot trade unions and CSOs are organising a joint May Day celebration in the Taksim field. The organisation committee includes DEV-İŞ, PEO, KTÖS, KTOEÖS, BES, KTAMS and KOOP-SEN and many other unions and CSOs are expected to participate. Speaking during the preparation meeting of the organisation committee the Acting President