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Greek-Cypriot Journalists: “It could happen this time”

Greek-Cypriot Journalists: “It could happen this time”

Ulaş Barış, writing for the Kıbrıs Postası, asked four Greek-Cypriot journalists to give their view regarding the negotiations. All four of them seem hopeful for a solution as they believe that this might be the time for it.  The Cypriot Puzzle has translated the opinions of the journalists and presents them in English. Thanasis Athanasiou,

Turkish Cypriot elections-The beginning of a new era?

Part 1/2: Part 2/2: Moderate leftist, Mustafa Akinci, achieved a sweeping victory on Sunday, April 26th, over his rival candidate Dervis Eroglu, on the elections held for the leadership of the Turkish-Cypriot Community. Akinci won a staggering 60,5% of the vote, although at the beginning of the electoral struggle he was thought of as the