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Get ready: it’s that hole in the water time again

Get ready: it’s that hole in the water time again

THE HISTORY of the Cyprus problem has taught the same thing over the years – namely it teaches us nothing. Even these days, in a climate of ‘heightened optimism’ (yet again) we seem unable to rise above the weaknesses that have always marked our behaviour and I refer particularly to our side. The big words,

Patriotic wolves baying for US blood

THE PATRIOTIC wolves were baying for the blood of the departing US ambassador John Koenig after he told a University of Cyprus audience last Tuesday that the Cyprob was “not an issue of invasion and occupation.” It was a comment calculated to anger Greek Cypriots, suggesting that even experienced diplomats allow their personal feelings and

The two communities in Cyprus as “apart as ever”

US ambassador John Koenig has described a bi-communal survey on social cohesion and reconciliation in divided Cyprus as ‘very revealing’ with the main point being that reunification remains distant. “Back in 2012 (when he had arrived in Cyprus) the (political) mood on the island was quite hopeful. A lot of significant events have affected that mood,