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Resolution or deception

Resolution or deception

It is as if a Cyprus settlement is completed and time has come to sell it to the people – and, of course, to the global sponsors who hopefully will finance its implementation. Mehmet Ali Talat, who failed as president of the Turkish Cypriot people to convince his comrade Deimitris Christofias, the former Greek Cypriot

Even surrender may not help #Hurriyet

The Turkish Cypriot Football Federation, in a move which was supported by the present Turkish Cypriot government and the president, pushed aside a fundamental “equality of the two peoples of the island” demand, surrendered to the Greek Cypriots and accepted to become a subordinate of the Greek Cypriot-hijacked Cyprus Football Federation (KOP). At the time

Turkish Cypriot anxiety over 4:1 ratio

A report by Turkish daily Hurriyet has brought reactions in the occupied areas in the north about a proposal for a four-to-one ratio between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots in a post solution federal Cyprus. According to Hurriyet, who also cited a publication by Greek Cypriot daily Politis on the subject, the estimate that dozens

‘Turkey maintaining hands-off policy on Cyprus negotiations’

Turkey is maintaining a hands-off policy during the current Cyprus negotiations, according to the Turkish Cypriot ‘foreign minister’ Emine Colak. In an interview with Hurriyet, Colak said that during the recent visit to the north by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, her impression from private meetings with him was that Ankara was sincere in wanting a

Turkey not manipulating Cyprus peace talks

Turkey is displaying a largely hands-off attitude to the current Cyprus negotiations, according to Turkish Cypriot Foreign Minister Emine Çolak. Turkey’s stance at the moment is devoid of any manipulation or interference, she says Ankara is allowing the two sides in the Cyprus dispute to pursue negotiations to unify the island in peace, according to

Akıncı: United Cyprus Federation under discussion #Hurriyet

A “United Cyprus Federation” has been on the agenda of resumed negotiations with the Greek side of the divided island, Turkish Cypriot President Mustafa Akıncı has said. All issues, excluding the current guarantor system, are on the table of talks, Akıncı told journalists on the sidelines of the July 20 ceremonies marking the 41th anniversary

Phileleftheros carries Hurriyet report about alleged ‘agreed points’in talks

According to GC newspaper PHILELEFTEROS today, Turkish daily newspaper HURRIYET has published details of the discussions in the talks. The GC newspaper says that a GC source pointed out however that what was carried in the paper was ‘not accurate’. According to the report in HURRIYET there had been ‘serious developments’ in the talks between

Mustafa Akıncı in Brussels

Worried as they are by terrorist threats, Ukraine’s future and the Grexit saga, European citizens may not have paid much attention to Mustafa Akıncı’s visit to the EU institutions last week. True, the Northern Cyprus leader heads a country that is not officially recognized by the EU, nor is it a member of the U.N.