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We need to reverse the course of our history

We need to reverse the course of our history

By Nicos Rossos AROUND the year 1880 a German archeologist wrote: “He who would become and remain a great power in the East must hold Cyprus in his hands”. The above statement is included in all the four volumes of the history of Cyprus by Sir George Hill, who collected his material for 30 years

Opinion: After 55 years of alleged Cypriot independence sovereignty is still a pipe dream

Whenever my septuagenarian Turkish acquaintance Mustafa imbibes a certain amount of raki, Turkey’s national alcoholic beverage, he feels compelled to recount once again the story of his participation in the 1974 invasion of Cyprus by the Turkish military. In Mustafa’s raki-fuelled version, the operation’s swift success – which led to the deaths of thousands of

If our children don’t know each other…

If our children don’t know each other… Sevgul Uludag [email protected] Tel: 99 966518 Michalis Michaelides was born in Ay Yiorgi in Famagusta, a small village near the Karaolos camp… He grew up in that village, going around with his father in their truck selling watermelon and other vegetables to the villages around Famagusta… His father,

Cyprus 1974: A Peacekeeping Crash Course by Frank Reid

 Published by: Canadian Military Historyhttp://canadianmilitaryhistory.ca/cyprus-1974-a-peacekeeping-crash-course-by-frank-reid/ I arrived in London Ontario, home of the 1st Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment (1 RCR), in April 1973. Having just finished basic training in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia in March 1973, I was ready for the next adventure. Basic training had started with 132 people from all elements of

No hegemonic peace in Cyprus

http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Op-Ed-Contributors/No-hegemonic-peace-in-Cyprus-348682 “Almost 40 years to the day, the Turks finally figured out that they had invaded the wrong geographic region of Cyprus. Cyprus’s power wealth, its hydrocarbons, have been found to be located in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) off its southern shores and not in its northern ones, where the NATO-trained and US-supplied Turkish

Working for a united Cyprus.Bi-communal relations in Cyprus.

An extremely interesting article that tells the story of the bi-communal relations in Cyprus. Loads to learn and even more to reflect upon regarding where we are going. Do we want a united Cyprus? Most importantly though, do we want to work for one? Peace and reunification cannot come neither from politicians nor from negotiators.