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Cypriots must understand each other

Cypriots must understand each other

By President Nicos Anastasiades It is with great pleasure that I look upon the endeavour you are launching today, as it is my belief that lack of communication between the two communities in Cyprus, after decades of separation, continues to cause serious problems in understanding each other. Timely and accurate information available to everyone on

Five factors for a solution

The election of Mustafa Akinci as Turkish Cypriot leader in late April 2015 brought renewed vigour to negotiations to solve the Cyprus problem. At the time, the negotiations had been suspended and prospects of a settlement of the longstanding national problem looked bleak. However, less than a year later, negotiations have intensified and both Akinci

Great progress has been achieved on the property, the chapter will be closed within a month

Writing in her column in Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis newspaper (25.01.16), columnist Esra Aygin reports that great progress has been achieved in the property chapter during the negotiations for finding a solution to the Cyprus problem and that “it seems that this chapter has come to the point of being completed within a month the

Havadis:60,000 G/c will return at the T/c state and 100,000 at the G/c state

Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis newspaper (08.12.15) reports that it has acquired a very critical document which combines the proposals of the Greek Cypriot Property Committee with the Turkish proposals on the issue. There is no consensus on the document, writes the paper adding that the document came to the attention of the “presidency” and the