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Sertoglu: “Our membership to KOP is in a blockage”

Sertoglu: “Our membership to KOP is in a blockage”

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (22.09.15) under the title: “They said that they cannot make us a member”, reports that the chairman of the “Turkish Cypriot Football Federation” (“KTFF”) Hasan Sertoglu has stated yesterday during a meeting he held with sport media representatives in the occupied area of Cyprus that the process towards their membership

Sertoglu: The discussions with the CFA (KOP) will be speeded up

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (21.08.15) reports that Hasan Sertoglu, chairman of the Turkish Cypriot so-called football federation,has said that after the self-styled council of ministers approved the “federation’s” work, practices and principles’ “statute” their discussions with the Cyprus Football Association (CFA or KOP) will continue from the point they had been left and the process

The visit of Fenerbahce football club President to Cyprus caused a crisis

  Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen (25.06.15) under the front-page title: “immodest”, reports on the illegal visit to the occupied area of Cyprus of the president of the Turkish Fenerbahce football club and writes that his contacts in the “TRNC” have caused a crisis. According to the paper, Yildirim who had an appointment to meet

President of KOP:`I admire Sertoglu’s dedication and courage”

The president of KOP (Cyprus Football Association ) Costas Koutsokoumnis praised the Cyprus Turkish Football Association’s move to join KOP and said that it was not possible for CTFA to be recognized as an autonomous body at the international arena and that the only way for CTFA’s international recognition was through KOP. Koutsokoumnis also praised

Eroglu:CTFA’s membership to KOP would not benefit Turkish Cypriot football

Turkish Cypriot president and independent presidential candidate Derviş Eroğlu evaluated Cyprus Turkish Football Association (CTFA) leader Hasan Sertoğlu’s announcement he made this morning during a press conference where he said that CTFA’s application letter for KOP was submitted to FIFA. Eroğlu criticised Sertoğlu’s announcement and said “I told Mr Sertoğlu that CTFA’s membership to KOP

Serdar Denktas:Application to KOP suicide of the T/c football clubs

The Cyprus Turkish Football Association’s attempt to join the ranks of the South Cyprus Football Association has led to a reaction from the Deputy Prime Minister – Minister for Economy, Tourism, Culture and Sports Serdar Denktaş. He sent a letter to members of the Cyprus Turkish Football Association voicing his concern regarding the membership. In

Historic moment for Cyprus football reunification after 60 years of division

Cyprus Turkish Football Association President Hasan Sertoglu held a press conference today to announce their intention to apply for membership to the Greek Cypriot Football Federation KOP. Touching on the intention by the Turkish Football Federation TFF to open a representative office in the TRNC, Sertoglu said if a representational office is going to be

Turkish Cypriots set to join ranks of Cyprus Football Association

  Six decades of soccer separation on ethnically divided Cyprus may be at its end as Turkish Cypriots are poised to join the ranks of the Greek Cyprus Football Association to bring the sport under a single administrative roof. Deniz Birinci, the international relations coordinator of the Cyprus Turkish Football Association, said the body’s president