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Ignore the dwarfs

Ignore the dwarfs

Just minutes after the EU-Turkey summit in Brussels finished last Sunday, a wave of déjà vu swept over Cyprus. Turkey may have received €3 billion to contain the refugee flows into Europe plus a promise to restart its EU accession process as well as some visa waiver perks, but the government was satisfied; Cyprus’ unilateral

Rejectionist parties dissatisfied with president’s briefing

The parties of the so-called rejectionist camp all expressed their dissatisfaction on Tuesday after being briefed by the President on the progress in reunification talks. It’s understood the President’s briefing focused on the hot-button issues of property and the status and rights of Turkish settlers. Speaking to reporters later, DIKO chairman Nicholas Papadopoulos called the

Anti-militarism and the hypocrisy of the Greek Cypriot Left

                                            Anti-militarist protest in Nicosia, Cyprus 1975   Haravgi (AKEL’s newspaper)front-page in 1979:Demilitarisation of Cyprus,Disarmament in the whole world On the 5th of December, Neoklis Silikiotis, an MEP for the Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL), raised the issue of Haluk’s imprisonment before the European Commission, denouncing this gross violation of human rights. The Greens